Sports After School Program

Preschool Mini Sporters

This class incorporates the fundamentals of a variety of sports aimed at developing fine and gross motor skills.  We focus on independence, self-confidence, hand/eye coordination, agility and fitness.  During these classes we encourage teamwork and passing and sharing which are fundamental to learning team sports as they get older. Children should wear comfortable clothing.

Preschool Yoga

Preschool yoga will build body awareness, strengthen muscle tone, improve motor planning, increase flexibility and balance, and most importantly, build self confidence and self-regulation skills.  This unique class will also incorporate early language and literacy skills through weekly stories or rhymes that will be connected with traditional animal poses.

Creative Movement

Your child will explore a variety of dance styles and techniques with an emphasis on rhythm and imaginative play!  The purpose is to help students develop physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally. Class will incorporate the use of tools like parachutes, scarves, hula hoops and tambourines, role playing and imagination to aid in personal expression and creativity with a focus on movement vocabulary, choreography, flexibility and stretching, body control, listening and sharing. We want kid to be fit and have fun!