Preschool Philosophy

The EAV preschool philosophy is guided by the following principles which inform our academic work and social interaction with children, families, and staff.

We learn through inquiry, relevance, and reflection. Students gain skills and understanding both through open play and structured instructional opportunities. The classroom environment and the physical school grounds stimulate exploration and experimentation, problem solving and negotiation, communication and collaboration driving cognitive, social emotional learning and creative expression. We give young people the opportunity to co-construct and engage in learning activities that permit and facilitate imaginative construction of an understanding of the world around them. We want them to wonder and ask "What if?"

We use a process of inviting and sustaining learning that leads to an emergent and integrated interdisciplinary curriculum that is flexible enough to take advantage of student interest and "teachable moments." Theme based projects provide narrative and structure to the delivery of the academic program. We also want to document the student’s learning journey as a way to capture and archive personal learning growth and individual socio-emotional development. We guide children to assume ownership of their own work and empower them to engage in understanding the learning process. At EAV, we focus on developing the whole child, where developmental and learning differences are respected and activities and materials are adult-curated to engage a wide range of learners. Children participate in mixed age groups that foster caring, community and flexibility for preschoolers in different stages of learning.