EAV actively engages students in intellectual inquiry and personal development. Students are immersed in collaborative and autonomous, interdisciplinary project-based learning experiences as endeavors in critical thinking and creative production.  EAV designs a learning environment where curiosity is celebrated and personal talents explored. Teachers are designers and activators of learning experiences. Our curriculum is relevant and engaging and reflects what we believe is worth knowing and learning.  The end result of learnings should be the empowerment of young people to develop the competencies and personal character needed to find their place and achieve fulfillment in a rapidly changing, globalized environment. We are committed to reshaping the schooling experience for EAV students and offering a contemporary model for teaching and learning.


EAV, your child's social and emotional well-being will be nurtured while we continuously strive to stimulate and grow their cognitive capacity. Each student's developmental rhythm is respected and forms the basis for creating an environment where a child's individual characteristics and traits are made visible, discussed and serve to shape the learning process.

We believe that education and values are inextricably linked. Our academic program integrates classroom and real world learning. Our school culture is defined by exemplary teaching practices, extraordinary teachers and collaboration to build a community dedicated to excellence in education.

We seek to know our students and challenge them to extend their learning, pursue passions and productively participate in a community. By pursuing their individual interests, our students develop resilience, augment their inner drive, assume high levels of self-reliance, and are genuine and compassionate learners.

EAV was created for families who are committed to developing their child's full potential through an enriching, personalized, academic program where students are inspired to challenge themselves, reflect on their learning and define the impact they want to have on the greater community.

We believe an EAV education will engage students in a personal journey to define their interests, prepare them to meet and overcome challenges and open them up to a world of adventures. We want to motivate all students to take risks and try new experiences, as an avenue to establish their independence and commit to their own personal fulfillment.

The best way to understand who we are is to visit with us so we can discuss how we engage, challenge, and support each young person in a holistic and productive life of learning.

Thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to meeting with you and discussing the potential of your family joining the EAV community.


Andrew Sherman- Interim Head of School at GEMS World Academy Chicago and former director of international schools in Mexico, Ecuador, and Brazil. Focus: Educational leadership, facilities development, organizational structure, learning innovation and strategic planning. Founder and CEO of Gamut Education.   Andrew holds an advanced degree in International Education from Harvard University.  Andrew is highly involved in school improvements throughout Latin America. He is an Accreditation Consultant, Leader of Quality Assurance Review Teams, and former Vice Chair of the Committee on International Schools of AdvancED. He has also served as board member of the Texas Alliance for Accredited Private Schools, education advisor to Tomas de Berlanga experimental school in the Galápagos Islands and has participated in a number of Mexico City based civic associations.







 Andrea Buffara- Founder and COO  of Gamut Education that designs programs and learning spaces in Latin America following a project based, learner centric format. She has held administrative and teaching roles in a 20 year career at International Schools in Brazil. She is a former Middle and High School Principal at Escola Americana do Rio de Janeiro and was a Learning Specialist at both EARJ and Graded School in São Paulo, Brazil.  She holds a BA from Barnard College/Columbia University, a M.Sc. in Development Studies from the London School of Economics and Political Science and an ED.M from Teacher’s College/Columbia University in Education Leadership. Andrea has always worked as a change agent to improve teacher practices and student outcomes by helping teachers become more effective instructional coaches.







Elke Thom- She has held administrative and teaching roles in a 26 year career teaching kids of all ages in different schools, such as: Pan American Christian Academy PACA- (American School in São Paulo), SACI (International School in Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerias) and  Bilingual Schools (Fluents- Experiência Bilíngue e Apple Tree- Aquisição da Língua Inglesa in Vitória- Espírito Santo). She holds a BS from Crown College in Minneapolis, Minnesota- USA. She revalidated her diploma at Universidade Federal in Juiz de Fora- Minas Gerais according to the Brazilian regulations and laws. Elke has always worked with language acquisition while working in Brazil. She believes  education is a child´s natural process in acquiring her/his own experience and abilities to build a world of knowledge. Elke, as a teacher, is just a facilitator of the process.







Priscilla Odinmah holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Education Studies from Middlebury College in Vermont. It was there that she discovered her calling to teach and work with children of all ages. She has just completed two years as an English Teaching Assistant for the U.S. Fulbright Program in Recife and Fortaleza.  Priscilla enjoys creative pursuits through music and song. Her pedagogical beliefs can be summed by a Paulo Freire quote: "Education does not transform the world. Education changes people, and people transform the world".










Sarah Giulian –Collaborating Teacher at the American School of Victoria, Sarah graduated in Letters/English from the Federal University of Espírito Santo, where she participated and conducted research on Critical and Visual Literacy. Sarah was selected by the State Department of Education of Espírito Santo to participate in an exchange program in New Zealand, where she had direct contact with the English language, daily life and culture. Sarah returned to Brazil with the interest to take part in the process of socio-cultural and critical development in Education, therefore she is currently doing a post-graduation course in Child Education, always aiming to learn more as well as improve her classroom practices.










Lorenna Vieira Freire - Collaborating teacher at the American School of Vitória, Lorenna graduated in Production Engineering from FAESA and is currently doing a Teacher Training in Math along with a Post-Graduation in Child Education. Lorenna’s language skills improved during her studying abroad. In addition, Lorenna seeks constant training, motivated by her goal to build a solid and respected pedagogical career through which she hopes to help students get well prepared for life.








Kellen Fontana Guimarães - Graduated in Pedagogy, Kellen has been working in private elementary schools in Vitória since 2011 and holds a postgraduate degree in Clinical and Institutional from the Iguaçu University, Rio de Janeiro. Kellen is a specialist in Psychopedagogy, with focus on learning difficulties, syndromes and disorders. Nowadays, through a further specialization in Neuropsychology by the Censupeg Faculty in São Fidelis, Rio de Janeiro, she aims to improve her teaching techniques and clinical practice by studying the functioning of the brain and how one can provide efficient pedagogical strategies that potentiate the development of new knowledge. At the American School of Vitória, Kellen will work on literacy in the Portuguese language, always aligned with the American curriculum.







Priscila Azevedo - Graduated in Philosophy from UERJ and studied at UFRJ, where she completed her Post Graduation “Lato Sensu”  in Children's Musical Education shortly thereafter. She currently studies erudite music at FAMES and Pedagogy, as well as is in training by the Suzuki Center for Music Education. To improve her knowledge of voice, particularly children’s voice, she took a class in Contemporary Song and Voice Physiology  with the professor and scientist Ariel Coelho. She studied Music Theater at the Broadway Dance Center in NY, and in Ceftem-RJ, where she perfected techniques in singing, dancing, tap dance and musical interpretation. In Rio, she was a singer, monitor and assistant conductor in various music companies, under the regency of renowned maestros such as Ricardo Rocha, Roberto Minczuk and Isaac Karabtchevsky. She has worked as a  Bilingual Children’s Music Teacher at Leonardo da Vinci Educational Center and the Canadian Maple Bear School.