Creative After School Program

Creative Drama

In Creative Drama, children will learn how to invent stories as well as design puppets.  Puppets will take many shapes and forms and be made from bags and recycled materials to the more classic hand and rod styles. Children will learn to transform their puppets into unique characters and share a collaborative presentation at the end of the term.

Music Making

Students will be exposed to songs and rhymes and make up their own.  They will actively experience music by clapping, rocking, stomping, and moving. They will learn to keep time to the rhythm and the beat.  Research shows that music making improves school readiness in many academic areas including literacy and math.  Music also contributes to overall cognitive and social emotional development.

Preschool Build It

Come use your innovative and creative thinking skills to build with recycled materials! Explore spatial relations, balance, symmetry, and increase fine motor skills!

Little Chefs

This class is for the little chefs in the family. Students will be making simple finger foods and practice measuring, following directions, and creating their own snacks.  Parents will be happy to see their child develop age appropriate culinary skills over time.  For each class, children will learn how to prepare recipes, taste their creations, clean -up and take recipes home to share.

Lego Club

This class is for the Lego enthusiast. Students will be encouraged to be innovative in their building skills.  As students build their houses and vehicles, castles and towers, they are honing their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Lego Club is designed to engage kids in authentic, creative play.

Art Exploration

Welcome to Art Exploration! We want to spark imagination and creativity through all mediums such as clay, paint, drawing, oil pastel, chalk pastel, charcoal, mosaic work and more! We also have discussion about famous artists and introduce our little ones to art appreciation.