An educational institution dedicated to excellence is committed to the following items:

EAV students will develop fundamental core academic skills in the area of critical reading comprehension in English and Portuguese, number fluency for complex mathematical understanding and application, communication principles to select the most effective means to transmit and share information, and creative pursuits to design a personal aesthetic to shape their exploration of life. EAV graduates will be prepared for entry into higher education opportunities in Brazil, the United States and the world.

EAV is dedicated to exposing students to a global learning context, preparing students in multiple languages and broad cultural understanding allowing students to confidently enter into a globalized marketplace where language proficiency and an understanding of different cultural frameworks permit students to successfully negotiate a world becoming increasingly interconnected.  We are well aware of the interest of institutions of higher education throghout the world to attract students who are exposed to and developed an interest in a diversity of areas as well as students who possess a strong ethical framework, EAV instills in young people a motivation to search for excellence in personal development, whether that is playing the piano, being a defensive minded sweeper on the soccer pitch, writing a one act play, creating a non-profit social organziation or designing a new product. We also recognize the importance of forming positive and productive community members, future citizens who will promote new ideas, champion new ways to bring people together and new commitments to make the world a safer, more sustainable and happier place for future generations.

Being an EAV students leads to a life committed to learning.