Computational thinking prepares children for technological advances

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Ever heard of computational thinking? In many countries this content is already part of the curriculum of schools.

In the American School of Vitoria in the early years of early childhood we use the Cubetto, a nice wooden robot that helps teach the basics of computer programming through adventures and practical exercises.

At this school stage, we perform activities such as block programming, which functions as an assembly game in which students line up cubes with instructions to be read by a robot. Children do not have contact with programming language. They learn the logic of programming a computer to accomplish simple tasks, planning and scheduling their actions and responses.

So our students learn basic concepts of math and logic, strategies for problem solving, designing and communicating ideas. “We believe that teaching computational thinking as early as pre-school is preparing our students for future success and for a rapidly changing globalized environment,” said EAV Director Andrea Buffara.

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